About us

Rih Multi Development Society (RMDS) is established in 2007 and registered under Ministry of Home Department, Myanmar in 2013 with the name of Rih Region Multi Development Society (RRMDS). However, the name has been changed into Rih Multi Development Society (RMDS) as to cover not only Rih region in Chin state but also to cover Kalay-Kabaw areas in Sagain region, where most Chin tribes (different dialect users) sare located, in January 2019.

Rih Multi Development Society (RMDS) name has been taken from Rih Dil (lit. Rih lake) a natural lake located in northwestern Chin State in (Burma). It lies at about 3 kilometers from Zokhawthar village at an Indo-Burma border. The lake is about one mile in length and half a mile in width. It is about 3 miles in its circumference and the depth is about 60 feet. It has a heart-shaped outline. It is one of the most valuable heritages of Chin people.

In fact, RMDS is mainly working for Northern Chin state with 61 villages (3100 families), which is divided into 4 blocks under the project. Now 1 (one) more block has extended to Kalay district in Sagain region. The block names are Satawm, Rihkhawdar, Bukphir, Tahan and Matupi. The implemented previous projects and programs were:

  • Training and creating job opportunity to rustic people
  • Training on organic farming technique to local farmers
  • Providing plantation seeds, breeding pigs (NYL) and Chickens
  • Conducting public dialogue on human rights, gender issue, rural health and education